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It's always thrilling to see a female step up to the plate and in this case a 900 pound Honda!  She became a sergeant and wanted to be able  ride like many of the officers she was going to be supervising.  As if going after criminals and people shooting at you is not enough!  Here is a great article from behind the badge Now Sgt. Sara Fetterling you definitely are in the arena.  This is one of my favorite speeches and it definitely applies to you. Sgt. Fetterling if we can meet you some how I would like to...

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To give herself closure she had this tattoo of his badge put on her leg. 

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What an amazing way to let soldiers serving the USA know we are truly thinking of them.  It is a way to express gratitude and truly remember that there are people serving all over the world to protect our great country.  Here's a little about what I learned about how it all started.  And also included a link in case you would like a red shirt ...we liked this outfit because the money is being donated to help out military families   RED is an acronym that stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. R.E.D. Friday was created to remind people of...

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As a military brat, you often are born into a world where you move constantly, experience long parental absences, and are forced to grow up a little faster than most kids.

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Want to help a military family that is in the middle of deployment?  Here are 6 great tips.

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