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American's are lost! What used to be right is now wrong.  What was wrong is now right.  How could we ever of become a society that does not support our military, our law enforcement officers or our public service heroes!  That is what Brotherhood® Products is all about.  It was started not just for our service men and women, but for the public to show their support of these professionals.  The thin blue line or the thin red line is not just for the officers, it is for people that know we need to show our support for these service people who are willing to protect our life with their life. Located in the heart of the big city of Clemmons, NC we have had a long history (going on 30 years) of supporting our LEO's, Firefighters, EMS and Our Military.  We first began by selling our products at the Winston-Salem Police Department in North Carolina during the holiday months and as we saw the pride the officers took in exhibiting what they were a part of we knew we needed to do more! We started a store, and then the internet became available. Craig Hill who began the company decided to take a class on how to build a website about 15 years ago and wallah was born which now encompasses as many branches of service as possible, therefore, we rethunk(yes this is a now a word, check the Urban Dictionary) the name and started a new site called  It is our mission to show support for our heroes in all branches of service.


Goah Team!


Our team though small, it is mighty!


First at bat is our fearless leader Craig Hill, who by the way served as a WSPD reserve officer for over 20 years, is a creative genius.  He is our head designer and his mind is always focused on a design or idea that can bring honor to these awesome people.  It is actually quite exhausting to spend any amount of time with him because he never stops! The company would be nothing without him his passion is incredible.


Next Batter is:  Robert Pendergraft, who we refer to as our Courageous Shipping Manager.  We say courageous because he jumps in and takes it on!  Running an internet shipping department and starting it from scratch is no easy task, but he took it on and does an impeccable job.  No task is too large for Robert, he just seems to get it done. We are so fortunate to have him at the helm.  Anyone that knows internet sales knows if you don't give GREAT service you are done for!  Robert Robert He's our man no one can do it like Robert can!  Goah Robert!


Next on deck is Steven Hill, who is affectionately called STEEEVON!  That is the bellow you hear in our offices when we have computer issues!  Steven, Steven he's our man No one can fix a PC or Mac like Steven can!  Goah Steven! Us in the over 40's group are big fans! Especially because he is Craig and Kristen Hill's son.  He is currently attending UNC and on track to graduate in business in 2019.  He is a great player with an outstanding attitude.


Our next hitter is Peter Mills, another under 20 man, but you learn quick when you have an internet business these are the people you need!  They all know whats going on in the land of the internet!  Peter has been priceless in helping with whatever we need help with. He helps in manufacturing, packaging, running errands, stocking inventory, organizing and reorganizing!  His middle name is Price he is really not Priceless! Peter is starting to learn the ropes of Internet updates, and new product launches and we hope to have him doing that full time.  Peter Peter he's our man no one is more willing to do "it" whatever "it" is than Peter can!  Goah Peter!  Peter is also in college full-time, on track for a 2019 graduation in information technology.


Last in the line up at least for now is Kristen Hill.  I would call her the woman with many baseball hats. She works hard to make sure everyone gets paid on time which is not always easy in the land of small business, she handles customer service for the most part, and has learned numerous internet platforms in helping to keep up with the latest and greatest in the quickly changing field of online sales.  She also handles custom orders for our agencies and their conferences.  Kristen, Kristen she's our woMAN if there is something no one wants to do, but it needs to be done than Kristen can!  Goah Kristen!


If you need to get a hold of anyone on our team the fastest way is email, but you can call too.  If you email that will ensure a quick and immediate response.  Or you can call 336-416-9105 which can be fast, but not always as fast as we would like!


Our Location:  6900 Kenbridge Drive Clemmons, NC  27012 come by and visit if you are in the area.  Its nothing fancy, but we would love to have you!