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People Serving America Should Be Honored and Respected.  

Many of our veterans, military service, law enforcement, and public safety workers feel they are losing support from their country and communities they serve, creating a sense of hopelessness. That's why we manufacture and deliver gifts so you can support, honor, and give hope to the people serving the USA.  How can we serve you?

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 Our Staff

President - Chief Designer - Craig Hill, Loves this country and the people that serve. He has served as a WSPD reserve officer for over 20 years, and is a US Marine (once a Marine always a Marine) His sole mission has been to support people that serve our country and he does this through creating products and designs that honor the heroes of this country.  

 Production Manager - Robert Pendergraft -  loves the people that serve our country and he shows it every day by taking great care as he manufactures the products you are ordering.  Whether it is a law enforcement gift, a firefighter gift, a military gift or EMS gift, Robert takes great care to love on it every step of the manufacturing process to make sure when it arrives to you, it is a gift that you can be proud of as he is so proud and grateful for you!  He wants you to feel the gratitude we have when you open your gifts.

 Operations Manager - Steven Hill - Has a fervent respect for everyone that makes the sacrifice to serve our country.  He truly loves America and he has been influenced greatly by several family members that have served in various capacities and that is what motivates him every day to create better efficiencies and operating procedures that allow us to make sure every gift that we make is loved on from start to finish.  He graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and saw how many college age students have not been educated on what has been sacrificed to have the freedoms that we enjoy, it made him want to serve his country by honoring and supporting these heroes through our products and service.

 Vice President - Kristen Hill - She is in love with the people that serve our country.  There is a burning in her heart to show respect, honor and create hope for our law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, EMT, Paramedics, and our Military.  It is very much at the top of her priority list.  Her question, how can we show and share our gratefulness for all that protect us? What can we do that ignites a passion for the people that serve our country so that they know and feel that we are behind them, love them and respect them for their willingness to protect us? Every thing we write or send out, we want this one message to be clear, we do this to honor, respect and bring hope to our service members.

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If you need to get a hold of anyone on our team the fastest way is email, but you can call too.  If you email Support@ABrotherhood.com that will ensure a quick and immediate response.  Or text us at 336-416-9105