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Thin Red and Blue Line American Flag Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain

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Thin Blue and Red Line Tactical American Flag Pendant and Sterling Silver Chain

22 Inch .925 Sterling Silver Chain

Pendant Size 2" x 1".5" w

Beautiful Law Enforcement and Firefighter Design Featuring The American Flag and The Thin Blue Line. 

Flex of Sparkling Glitter like pieces make this piece beautiful.

Designed by our Brotherhood Design Law Enforcement Team taking into consideration the often strenuous job of an officer.  

Our Design Is Baked Into The Surface Of the Pendant And Coated With A Resin That is More Durable Than Epoxy.

The Crafting wire is a stainless steel metal plated in silver.  The Same Durable Resin is applied to the plating creating a piece of jewelry that can hold up to a lot of knocks!

All parts of our manufacturing process are environmentally friendly.  Purchase this today and support our firefighters and law enforcement officers that put their lives on the line for us daily!  Family members, spouses of this profession will love this gift.

Made in the USA