Thin Blue Line Police EMS Star of Life Lapel Pin

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Thin Blue Line Police EMS Star of Life Lapel Pin


These high polished silver metal lapel pins have butterfly clutch clasp pin closure. Shaped as a shield these Brotherhood® Pins sport the Thin Blue Line. High quality, beautifully designed and crafted. It's size is 1 Inch x 3/4 Inch working perfectly for a lapel or a tie tack. This item is small, but as a gift will be appreciated greatly. Purchase this in support of all law enforcement officer and their families and helping law enforcement with the many stresses involved in police work. A beautiful cross pin.

2 lapel pins $4.99 each, 10 lapel pins $3.99 each, 30 lapel pins $3.83 each, 50 lapel pins $3.50 each, and 100 lapel pins $2.99 each (these rounded off prices)

Larger quantities available but may require a 3 to 4 week delivery time frame.


Designed, Created, and shipped for Brotherhood® Products