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Personalized Sergeant Bars Slate Rock Stone With Easel

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Beautiful chiseled slate rock with a vibrant thin blue line American Flag With Police Sgt. Bars printed on the surface. This is a police gift with that has a substantial feel to it. When it is received it is a nice weight and feels good in the hands of the receiver. This comes with a black acrylic desk style easel so it can be displayed nicely on any table. Many that purchase this item use it as a police promotion gift, police graduation gift or as awards for service.

As we make this law enforcement gift the members of our staff know it is going to someone that risks their life daily for us and it is loved on all the way through the production process, quality inspection, packaging and shipping. Our company is value driven and we know that we are not just sending out a slate rock, but we are recognizing and sharing in the pride of the person serving our country.

Some of the details:
Size of rock: 12" x 6" x .5"
Easel: Black, hard acrylic in which the rock is cradled in.
Easel Size: 5 " wide x 3" high, perfect size to set on a desk or end table.
Weight: Each Rock is about 2 lbs. ea.

This item is Gorgeous!