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Ceramic Brotherhood Band - Thin Red Line for Firefighters Cubic Zirconia Stone

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Essentially Indestructible and Scratch Resistant 

Our ceramic Brotherhoodreg; Band is designed and made for firefighters and their families.  We choose the ceramic material for its light weight comfort and tough as nails durability.  The life of a firefighter can be demanding both physically and mentally making this thin red line ring a perfect fit for this intense career choice. Gorgeous craftsmanship, with a diamond like Cubic Zirconia Crystal set in the center, and the thin red line accent running directly through the center of the band. Our Brotherhoodreg; Collection designates this as one of our most popular rings for our firefighter friends.

 Available sizes:  5mm 5, 6, 7, 8 and 7mm 5 through 15.


  • High Quality, light weight comfort band
  • Comes in both a wide 7mm band or a narrower 5mm width
  • We offer a Life Time Guarantee on all Brotherhoodreg; Bands
  • Easily brought back to its original sparkle with a microfiber cloth.
  • Free shipping on all Brotherhoodreg; Bands
  • Each ring created for the Brotherhoodof firefighters is designated as such on the inside of the band.
  • Packaged in a draw string velvet pouch.