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Steven Thomas Hill Joins

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Steven Thomas Hill Joins


We wanted to take a minute to introduce our latest full time team member, Steven Hill.  First and foremost he is Craig and Kristen Hill's son.  He will be graduating in a few short weeks from the University of Chapel Hill!  We are beyond excited that he has decided to join our company.  His degree is in entrepreneurship with a minor in technology, but truly he has worked for us part time for a number of years and he has been behind some of our most successful product launches as well as developing new techniques using our existing equipment.  He has been a big part of envisioning what this company can become and at the same time he realizes no detail is too small. He is  a tenacious young man that really goes after what he wants.  We are extremely proud.


Here are just a few products that have  Steven's fingerprint  

Poster Designs  Decals

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