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Brotherhood Blog Metabolic Effect

Brotherhood Blog Metabolic Effect

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Metabolic Effect For First Responders

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Are you looking for a more efficient way to work out and get real results?  Do you skip the gym all together because to get anywhere you have to spend hours at the gym? Well if this sounds like you we've got a killer solution for you! Metabolic Effect Workouts AKA ME. When someone first mentioned them to me I actually didn't believe it was possible, but man, wait til you do one. It will kick your A#@.

To start with here's a bit of science.

Metabolic effects workouts are planned high-intensity, total body workouts that makes use of the three energy system (ATP, Glycolytic, and oxidative) designed to boost your metabolism. The three systems are often used during different forms of movements which include slow, medium, and fast.

This article will guide you on how to engage in safe and effective metabolic workouts using functional movements irrespective of your fitness levels. The workout is designed into this format:

10 exercises, 1 minute each, 3 times through.

The first time through you get a 15 second break in between each exercise, the second time 10 second break

and the third time only a 5 second break,

3, 60-second power moves or metabolic finishers to end the workout.

Sounds pretty simple right? We'll during the minute you are exercising it is important you push yourself as hard as you can take until you feel like you HAVE to take a rest! If you are just beginning with this it is very likely you won't be able to do the whole minute And that is OK. You'll quickly work your way up to this.


  • Dumbbell Single-leg Shoulder Extension
  1. Hold weights in both arms in a goal post
  2. Extend arms forward while bringing one leg from a bent position to backward extension
  • Plyometric Lunges
  1. Begin in a lunge position
  2. Jump up and switch leg position, repeat
  • Tube Jacks
  1. Stand on resistance tube, holding one handle in each hand
  2. Perform jumping jacks while lifting arms out to side
  • Tricep Push Up to Reverse Plank
  1. Push up with elbows narrow close to rib cage
  2. Rotate by lifting the arm into a supine position or reverse plank
  3. Rotate back to prone position and repeat in opposite direction
  • Duck Squat
  1. Perform a squat and pretend you are ducking under a fence
  2. Keep weight in the heels, core engaged
  • Suicide Plank to Push Up
  1. Perform a plank on hands, walk onto elbows, back to hands, and then push up
  • Side Lunge with Gliders
  1. Place Glider under one foot
  2. Keep opposite foot planted while sliding the Glider out to the side into a side lunge
  3. Pull back to standing position
  • Alternating Knee Runs

-Tap medicine ball to each knee while running in place

  • Power Skaters
  1. Place resistance tube under one foot
  2. While holding the material, step into a side lunge while using the obliques to “block” and twist
  3. Think “long and lean” while focusing on the core
  • Push Up + Pull In
  1. Place Gliders under both feet
  2. Perform a push up, then pull knees into chest
  3. Extend knees back to plank position and repeat
  • Single Leg Burpees
  1. Stand on one leg
  2. Squat down, hop back into a plank, hop up
  3. Perform 30 seconds on each leg

 Metabolic Finishers

  1. Squat Up and overs on BOSU w/ Medicine ball - start with one foot on BOSU and the other on the ground. Squat down, jump up, and land so that the opposite foot is on the BOSU.
  2. Military crawl planks - get in plank position on Bosu (on your hands). One arm at a time, move to a forearm plank position, then back up to hands.
  3. Hacky Sack – standing tall, reach left hand towards the instep of the right foot, alternating sides

And that's that. It's intense, but IT'S OVER!!!  

On another note, at our gym we have all kinds of inspirational messages on the wall. You'll be surprised how having positive words around you will in turn be absorbed into your mind. We've got so many awesome first responder an military posters with prayers and quotes that help keep your mind right. Check them out

I promise this workout will create a love hate relationship within, you'll not want to miss it, but while in it the word hate does come to mind:)

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