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How to Properly Thank a Veteran for Their Service

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How to Properly Thank a Veteran for Their Service



So have you ever thanked a veteran for their service and just felt like that wasn't enough?  Or felt like it was shallow?  I have and that is never how I want to come off.  My family and myself are so very grateful, but I personally always feel like more than a thank you is required.  We found this article (task & purpose)  where veterans were actually asked how do you want people to show gratitude?  These were several of the responses.  So it appears there is no set guideline, but some of the responses are so cool like for us as Americans to become all we can because people fought for us to have this amazing freedom.  

“It can be frustrating to be thanked for my military service for a few reasons, but often it’s because there’s no easy, conversational response. Normally when someone says, ‘Thanks for XYZ,’ I can just say, ‘You’re welcome.’ But in this case that sort of rings flat. If people could just find a way to make it easier and more conversational to respond when they thank a veteran for their service, that would be pretty awesome.” —Kevin Bell, U.S. Army veteran

“Welcome home with a handshake is enough for me. Please do not place me on a pedestal.” —Ryan Kaufman, U.S. Army veteran

“Getting prescriptive about how people should thank me is stifling and unhelpful. I appreciate gratitude no matter how it’s conveyed.”—Lydia Davey, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“How should people thank me for my service? Vote!” —Alexander McCoy, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“Don’t thank me at all. My father and grandfather were combat vets who fought at Hamburger Hill in Vietnam and the Battle of Peleliu during World War II respectively, receiving Bronze and Silver Stars for their valor and devotion. Until I can stand shoulder to shoulder with them, your thanks are better directed toward someone who has proven their dedication to the values of honor, courage, and commitment.” —David McCauley, U.S. Navy veteran

“Simply do what God put you on this earth to accomplish — build a business, grow a family, advocate for things you are passionate about.  The best thanks you can give to a veteran is living a life of meaning only available in the United States” —Benjamin Kohlmann, U.S. Navy officer

“Posting a hashtag to social media or changing a green lightbulb may be a good first step, but it doesn’t do much to really say ‘thank you.’ Some better ways to show you care can be as simple as volunteering at the local VA hospital, lending a hand with a local veterans group, or donating to a worthy veterans cause. For companies or schools that really want to say ‘thank you’, hire veterans; enroll veterans; and most of all, get to know your veterans. If you want to let your veterans take the day off this Veterans Day, I think that works too.” —Ryan Gallucci, U.S. Army veteran

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