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Happy 243rd Birthday US Army!

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Happy 243rd Birthday US Army!

The United States Army was institutionalized on June 14th, 1775, when the Continental Congress began enlisting men to serve for one year.  This took place because when the American Revolution broke out all that was had was rebel conlonists, so when the spring of 1775 came and they were about to confront British troops in Massachussetts, these men had to re-organize their forces quickly to compete against a seasoned professionals.  Though their apparel was not very conducive to protect them from being seen all of them were well trained.  So it was then that Congress voted to create a draft of rules and regulations for the government of the Army and also voted to support them financially.  This was the foundation for the US Army which at any given time has 100's of thousands men and women serving.  Which on that note, women also served in the very beginning, as laundresses, cooks and nurses.  Other women served as spies.  We are saying happy birthday to our U.S. Army with grateful hearts for their service by giving a 25% discount on all of our Army Gifts.  

Happy Birthday Thank You For Those Serving, Those Who Have Served, And Especially Those That Gave Everything.

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